Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Uni Induction Workshops - Typography


1 - 'decrease' and 'colour'

2 - 'up' and 'composition'

3 - 'hard' and 'order'

4 - 'down' and 'reduction'

5 - 'soft' and 'reflection'

6 - 'increase' and 'repetition'

7 - 'feminine' and 'scale'

8 - 'masculine' and 'texture'

Monday, 18 October 2010

Up and Coming Music Genres

Windswept Helsinki Vibez
Greased Iraqi Slam Dance
Icelandic Jungle
Hideous Pennsylvanian Groovez
Afghan Lickz
Brutal Bassoonz from the Aborigine Love Asylum
Japanese Terror Stomp
North Korean Grime
Juicy Czechoslovakian Beat-Bombz
Oiled Kalzakhi Beatz
Pumping Polish Pylon Riddimz
Awful Creamy Arizonian Rhumba Jamz
Massiv Russian Lead-Dropz
Furious Soupy Beatz with Angry Toe Riffs
Industrial Strength Pop-Metal
Poisonous Fun Whackz
Dangerously Thrashy Easy Listening
Digestive Fluid Rhymez laid over Grandma Punchworthy Basslinez
Crispy Irish Flexxx
Leathery Balkan Bin-Beatz
Leafy Somalian BANGAZ
Rampant Kenyan Slippaz
Lubricated Texan Thrustline

Watch out for these. You haven't cut real shapes if you haven't partied to Wobbly Amphibian Mash-Core.

(Collaboration with Joe Carter)

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Uni Induction Workshops - Image


Bruno Munari

Different ways of mapping an object:


Postcards + lots of newspapers to cut up =

 Adrian Chiles' eyes, with the eyes of a slightly larger Adrian Chiles.


Beiber is served

Related stuff I like:

Alexandr Rodchenko

Alan Fletcher

100 Collages.
148mm x 105mm
Deadline: 7th December

Friday, 8 October 2010

Uni Induction Workshops - Narrative

We were mixing and matching some headlines and pictures cut from the day's newspapers. Here is mine:

 Doing this felt quite familiar... http://rianightingale.blogspot.com/2010/05/final-major-project.html

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Uni Induction Workshops - Blogs

Today we got sent around Elephant & Castle for a few hours to find something to inspire us. Our chosen picture was this one:

And here's why:

We were fascinated by the out of date, vulgar subway design. We have a theory that the reason why people feel so intimidated in the Elephant & Castle area is because of the hypnotizing maze that has been put there.
The subway is designed for ease of access, and a safe passage around the area, with the designer trying to create a fantasy underground world, however with the violent meandering of the subway corridors, looming low ceilings and ever present special brew drinking tramps, it is more a crime-infested underworld.