Friday, 5 November 2010

Shed Progress 2

There have been two new additions to the coaster family. I now have 5. Is that too many coasters to have in one small room?

And 3 of these guys got delivered too.

Their purpose will become apparent later on.

The best thing is that they smell fantastic.

Familliar? I thought so too
Florentijn Hofman

Typography 20 - 4 (Love or Hate)

2 different Marmites. The first, I love. The second I don't so much.

The characters seem to be more in proportion in No.1. I don't like the way in No.2 that they look stretched. Also in No.1 I like the angled edges on the 'T' and 'E'.

It's weird how the slightest change makes a difference.

I do like marmite itself though.

Typography 20 - 3 (Hate)

Don't know how well you can see this. I popped into this shop today. The 'O'
 is too small. I don't like the 'R'. I'm not convinced the width of all the letters look right. I'm just not a fan.

Despite the type, the shoes are quite delicious, I want the middle pair.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Shed Progress

For the past 6 months I have been decorating my shed, and turning it into a fantastic 70's/tacky/novelty knick-knack themed studio. It's been such a slow process, but after months of building, plumbing and wiring, I can finally get round to furnishing it, and filling it with lots of nice things, as well as getting it in order so that I can work in here. Today I have had my first experience of this. I'm actually testing it out right now.

I am speaking to you from the shed.

I can hardly contain my excitment.

I am tempted to upload some shed pictures in it's current state, and continue to update this, but I'd rather just upload a picture when it's all finished. Instead I will put up pictures of trinkets that I buy for the shed, then when it's all done, show the whole thing in it's entire glory.

A few weeks ago I was admiring Karlsson clocks. Well, I bought one.

I also by absolute accident found some amazing coasters whilst REALLY EARLY christmas shopping yesterday.

More stuff to come.



Typography 20 - 2 (Hate)

I really don't like the twitter logo typeface. I really really don't. I think it's the 'T's. Maybe even just the first 'T' I just think it could do with some tweaking.

One day I might tweak the twitter and then tweet about it. Who knows.

Typography 20 - 1 (Love)

I work part-time on a make-up counter. The counter opposite mine is the Chanel counter. 2/3 times a week I glance over at the logo (the word, not the proper logo) printed on the counter, and think just how nice it is. It's so clean and classic, and suits the brand so unbelievably well. I love the 'C' and how circular it is, and how straight and easy it is. I know this isn't a particularly interesting typeface for my first one, but it's one I'm confronted with alot.

Monday, 1 November 2010

Typography 20 - Intro

As an extension to the typography workshop, we were asked to post 20 instances of type in the environment that we enjoyed.

I have been going everywhere with this project constantly in mind and I have discovered that I am more likely to dislike a typeface than to love it. So I've decided to not only post typography that inspires me, but what I think is bad typography. I am not in anyway saying that it IS bad typography, it is just my opinion.